I’m Moving…to North Carolina!

WHEW, life moves pretty fast, eh? One day, you’re sitting on your back porch, putzing away on your new laptop in between trips to the kitchen for snacks and decide to randomly send a vague email to an old friend, the next you’re being offered a job in North Carolina, and the next you’re sending money via PayPal to secure a sublet in Asheville and crossing your fingers that you’re not getting scammed. Life be crazy.

“Anna,” you ask earnestly. “What is this crazy gig that’s bringing you down south to the land of the pine?” Welp, as of today, I’ve accepted a position as an Organizer for the North Carolina Democratic Party, working in the Western NC region and based in Asheville. (If that’s all you care to know, than you can stop here, and thank you for reading my two paragraphs!)

This all happened very fast (more on that in my next post, if I get to it). In the course of a week, I went from unemployed and curious to employed and set to move into my new apartment in two weeks. I’ve been told campaigns move very fast. I’ll see if I can keep up.

As an organizer for the NCDP, it’ll be my job to get Democrats elected up and down the ticket–everyone from Madame President to smaller city council elections. I’ll be working on voter registration, volunteer recruitment, mobilizing community networks already in place, and turning out the vote once we get closer to the election in November. My supervisor emphasized that organizers’ jobs are not to sweep into a town and enthusiastically, foolishly try to organize people. Communities already exist. Networks already exist. No one needs a fresh-faced white girl coming in and telling them what to do. An organizer’s job, rather, is to be the person who is able to give full-time attention to the organizing work that’s already happening. I have no idea what I’m doing, but hopefully I’ll learn.

I’m excited to live in a city that I’ve never been to but always wanted to visit, and I just know my heart will be so happy tucked into the backbone of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Mostly, I’m laughing at how this officially means that the donkey Beanie Baby named “Lefty” that my mom bought me when I was a kid totally set me up for this. It was always going to happen.

Iz pretty!

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