Hello World, Etc., Etc.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetWell, here I am again, “world” (also known as “Mom” and “Dad”): a new blog (cue impressed oo-ing and ahh-ing). Something felt stuffy about my old blog, and I wanted something fresh. Also, I pretend I’m going to be a lifestyle guru instead of just another talking head on the internet, so perhaps this blog is the first step in contributing to my delusion.

Man, first posts are a bit like first dates, aren’t they (lol idk)? The horrifying blankness of the page, the wanting to impress people with your wit and insight, the hope that you have something, anything worth saying. Perhaps I don’t, and this whole experiment will be like all those other times Edison tried that varying wrong thing with the lightbulb. Likely, that’s the reality. But who knows, maybe I have something to contribute to a corner of the massive Internet. I feel like such a vastly different person than the girl who crafted a blog before her semester abroad two whole years ago, certainly for the better. I’m excited to see how the Anna a year from now will read this very post and laugh at all that I didn’t know what going to happen. More on all this later, and it will concern Joan Didion.

So what can one expect on this whole Anna Does Blog, Take 2? I’ll tell you: unsolicited opinions, a look into my still-fledgling attempts at photography, hopefully some growing up as I tackle this whole “new city and full-time work for a year” thing that is looming over me. Oh, and all peppered with questionable fashion decisions. I mean, if I love overalls enough to put them in my header….

Wish me luck, and I hope you read, but if you don’t, c’est la vie (yes, that is a reference to the B*Witched classic)!

Stay gold.


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